Wednesday, May 14, 2008

More show details

This comes from Dave Chabot himself:

Both shows confirmed.
June 20th at Club Hell: Neutral Nation, Two Guys and Another Guy (Reunion), For What It's Worth and The Bangovers (Mike's nephew...firs show ever)

June 22nd The Living Room, 2:00-8:00: Neutral Nation, The Agents, The FID's, Acetone, Furlong, Frenzy of Tongs.
We hope to see everyone there - the plan is to interview fans of the band and people who were involved in the scene back then before and after the shows.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Shows announced

Show dates have been announced. Both will be shot for the film. Details forthcoming about opening acts, the scheduling of interviews and whatnot, but I figured this would be good to post as soon as possible:

Friday Night, June 20th at Club Hell

Sunday June 22nd: Afternoon All Ages Punk Rock Show at The Living Room