Friday, July 18, 2008

Important: Scheduling Interviews

Greetings. I've got an important announcement regarding the production of "It's a Bash":

On the evening of Tuesday, July 29 we're going to be conducting interviews with several people who either have stories to tell about Neutral Nation, the punk scene that surrounded Neutral Nation, or the individual members of Neutral Nation. If you saw them live, if you bought their records, if you knew them, if you were a regular at "The Rocket" or the old Living Room or, heck, even the early days of Club Babyhead then we want to talk to you and we want to talk to you on camera and then put you in the movie.

Don't worry if you don't think you'll be good on camera: most people don't think that. We're just going to record a conversation and edit it in.

Please get in touch, soon (we're going to schedule specific times) - you can email me at (remove the DONOTSPAM).

Thanks, and please repost.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Out of the Past

We had a meeting earlier this week, and I was able to rifle through some of the archival material the band members have provided us with - handwritten letters from Jello Biafra, old show flyers, old issues of the NicePaper. Some of it I remember and some of it is from before my time - but it was all really cool stuff.

Other things of a more business-like nature were discussed, and we're hammering down schedules. If you have a story to tell about Neutral Nation, if you were a fan, if you just want to talk about what it was like seeing them in times past then please get in touch.

Contact info is at

Tonight I look through some old video footage of Club Babyhead. Hopefully it's not smell-o-vision.